Pro-democracy demonstrators hold up their mobile phones during a protest near the Hong Kong government headquarters on September 29, 2014. (Dale de la Rey/AFP/Getty Images)

Rachel Maddow reports

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Tumblr Teaches History

I reblog this for the anon who once sent me an ask telling me there was no such thing as a history fandom on tumblr.

Hi-hi-historical jokes.

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Carrots are not better than cupcakes. In case you didn’t know… #cuttingsugar

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Flipping Cheerios commercial
Flipping hormones

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You don’t think outside the box. You don’t know there is a box.

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"I don’t want just words. If that’s all you have for me, you’d better go."
-F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Beautiful and Damned (via wordsnquotes)
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I know, I had many and varied feelings throughout!


you are HERE

how are you, friend?! I miss you!

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