“I miss you too — all of you, even uh, Tony.”

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There’s nothing more annoying than people who never have been teachers/in the education sector complaining about teachers campaigning for better pay/working conditions/educational opportunities for staff and students.

Today this parent was complaining on fb about having to buy 4 packs of pencils for her kid for school, saying that was far too many to ask for ( they are like $2 a box). She stated that she should be able to send pencils as needed. Well then my friend, a certified teacher, got on the post and explained that most parents forget to replace pencils when the kid runs out, and most kids forget to tell their parents that they are close to out. Which means the teacher ends up buying extra pencils out of their own pockets to cover ill prepared kids. So asking for 4 boxes covers them for the full year and prevents teachers from having to pay the difference.
So annoying. The parent still griped about it after the explanation

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Goodnight Stephanie
Goodnight moon
Goodnight cow jumping over the moon
Goodnight nobody
Goodnight mush
And goodnight to the old lady whispering hush
Goodnight stars
Goodnight air
Goodnight noises everywhere

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Happy birthday Kiera 

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I have fruit polos and lollypops be jealous.

omg do many people not know what fruit polos are? they are heaven




In America, we call them lifesavers. They can be chewy or hard candy. 

polos aren’t chewy and they also come in mint.



this week on: britan thinks its special

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Hello, welcome to my home.

it kinda looks like she’s summoned out of a black hole.

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random ncis caps
Tony and Ziva; Aliyah

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Instant reaction: ”STOP!”

”…that you have always had my back…”

(”Under covers” meet ”Truth or Consequences”)

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